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Dennis Calamusa

ALLIEDFLEX® enjoys a key supporting role in the flexible packaging industry through our participation and organization of over a hundred educational packaging conferences and internationally acclaimed packaging symposiums. We have consulted on hundreds of product package transitions to flexible packaging and as a result these products are now well positioned for future sales growth.

ALLIEDFLEX® has provided consultancy services for many leading Consumer Product Companies, Packaging Material Converters, Packaging Machinery Manufacturers and Industry Associations.  Our unique global Flexible Packaging Viewpoints and Perspectives are published by various respected packaging magazines and industry reports.

ALLIEDFLEX® is a contributing editor to the industries leading industry publications including Flexible Packaging magazine, Package Design magazine, Packaging Converting Intelligence magazine and Packexpo.com with our regularly featured “FLEXIBLE INSIGHTS” columns and articles regarding Global Flexible Packaging Innovation.

Florida-based ALLIEDFLEX Technologies is an American packaging machinery supplier and advocate for flexible packaging. President and Chief Executive Officer Dennis Calamusa remembers it as little more than a home office when it began in January 2002. Today, the company provides machinery that specializes in creating flexible packaging solutions, including machinery for creating stand-up pouches and pouch packaging.

While the company is an advocate for the concept of flexible packaging, it crucially identifies itself as a packaging machinery company first and foremost. Calamusa describes packaging, and especially flexible packaging, as a very important strategic tool for any company looking to use it, as it can help revolutionize the business and sell more of the product inside the package.


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The Inevitable Shift Toward The Future Of Packaging

By Dennis Calamusa

Published in the July issue of “In Side Packaging” magazine.

The flexible packaging industry produces innovative, sustainable packaging that offers significant value to product manufacturers, retailers, and consumers.
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Case Study:
Sonovo Clearguard

Is your brand transparent enough to attract millennial parents? Demographic research suggests that of the 105 million millennials in the market today, 40% are parents, and they are the most engaged subset of all consumers. They’re looking for the safest, healthiest products for their children– without sacrificing convenience for their busy, on-the-go lifestyles and they have an estimated $1.6 Trillion in purchasing power to put behind their choices. These parents demand clarity from brands about what goes into their children’s food and other products, and they want literal clarity from packaging to see the quality and integrity of these products. In response to this need for transparency and trust, one major consumer goods company decided to switch from an opaque pouch to a clear one that would allow parents to inspect the product before they served it to their children.
Learn more about how committed these “parennials” are, and how one brand responded.     Click here to download the pdf

Most people would agree that we need to look after our planet, so that we and future generations can enjoy it. I certainly feel that way and it is good to see so many articles bringing attention to the topic. They make people want to act. Our leaders, major corporations and even children are demanding action. But what actions are the wisest? How can we be sure that we are helping and not harming our environment? As a scientist, I wanted to see the facts, but I didn’t find any in the articles online. Hardly any of the articles referenced scientific studies. I began to realize that just about all we believe about the environment is based on LinkedIn headlines, YouTube videos and articles that are just opinion pieces, without any solid foundation. That made me uneasy. As you will see, virtually everything we have been told about plastics and the environment is a lie. When you check the science, it reveals a very different picture.

Transparent pouch clearly differentiates Tree Top Apple Sauce

Company says pouch represents a ‘game changer’ and allows parents and children to ‘see it before they squeeze it.’


Tree Top, Inc.’s January 2018 introduction of a transparent pouch is said to represent the first of its kind in the applesauce category. The single-serve, portable pouch not only lets consumers see the product inside, but it also provides shelf-appealing graphics and a spout-cap closure that lets consumers squeeze out and consume the applesauce directly from the pouch—without the need for a utensil. In short, the pouch is fun!

Before the clear pouch launch, Selah, WA-based Tree Top sold applesauce in 4-oz cups, 3.2-oz pouches, and 47.8-oz plastic jars. But Bryce Godfrey, Director of Marketing, believes the company’s latest applesauce package innovation “is set to be a game-changer within the industry.”

The flexible packaging industry leads important packaging trends by extending shelf life and increasing safety, design flexibility, convenience, and sustainability. Check out the new Perfect Packaging web site as it describes the amazing array of benefits for flexible packaging, the types of flexible packaging and its environmental impact. 

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Explore, identify, harness and utilize emerging and existing technologies, machinery and materials to develop purposeful, powerful packaging, and are true pioneers in how we combine these elements to deliver custom, engineered packaging solutions to the customers and markets we serve.

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The Flexible Packaging Association has served as the voice of the flexible packaging industry since 1950. FPA’s goals are connecting, advancing and leading the flexible packaging industry. FPA members are manufacturers of flexible packaging sold to users or distributors for packaging purposes, and material or equipment suppliers to the industry. Flexible packaging is produced from paper, plastic, film, aluminum foil, or any combination of those materials, and includes bags, pouches, labels, liners, wraps, rollstock, and other flexible products.   To Learn More

Today, shoppers, brands, and retailers are all focused on more sustainable packaging solutions. To determine which packaging alternatives are better for the environment, you really need to consider all impacts throughout a package’s life cycle. These “Life Cycle Assessments” reveal that flexible packaging typically creates less environmental impact compared to traditional packaging options.   Click Here to Read More

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