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Thoughts to Consider when Selecting a Contract Packager
  1. Are they ethical? You’ll want to have complete confidence in the honesty and integrity of the contract packager you’ll be working with. Does this company have high standards? Is the facility clean and orderly? What sort of production and quality controls are in place? Will they let your staff periodically monitor progress on-site?
  2. Is the production facility in a location close to your manufacturing and distribution facilities to speed up delivery time and lower your freight costs. But keep in mind that the savings achieved by using the most qualified contract packager can easily outweigh most freight considerations.
  3. Make sure the contract packager you hire has the analytical skills needed to help you develop a full and accurate picture of problems, solutions, and the various repercussions to production.
  4. Beware of contract packagers who don’t listen to what you have to say. Innovative solutions will do you no good if the contract packager doesn’t have the skills to communicate those ideas to you.
  5. A good match of personalities between the client and the contract packager’s key staff members helps ensure a successful relationship.
  6. Look for signs of innovation, unique approaches, and the quality of their work.
  7. Ask for a list of other clients to check their references.

ALLIEDFLEX® is pleased to offer our list of excellent Contract Packagers who can assist you in your flexible packaging project solution.  We do not sell contract packaging services, however, we are pleased to recommend a worldwide network of co-packers who have demonstrated exceptional innovation, consistent quality and value to the market.

Please evaluate this list of Contract Packagers, you will find they each possess extensive Standup-Pouch expertise and are most eager to accommodate your needs. Each listed Contract Packager offers unique capabilities and their own specific expertise. Your specific application and needs will best determine your supplier of choice.  ALLIEDFLEX® will continuously feature new Contract Packagers to assist our clients through the process of implementation.

Please inform the linked Contract Packagers that you learned about them on the ALLIEDFLEX® / STANDUPPOUCH.COM website!

If we can be of further assistance please do not hesitate to take advantage of our unique Standup-Pouch TeleConference [941 923 1181] Free Consulting Service.

Co-Packagers and Associations

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