FLX MonoBloc Spout Fill

The FLX MonoBloc Spout Fill Spout Filling and Capping Machine

The FLX MonoBloc Spout Fill Spout Filling and Capping Machine for spouted Standup Pouches is ideally suited to handle a broad range of products including fruit puree, yogurt, baby food, sauces, condiments, beverages and non-food applications.  

Fills PreMade Spouted Pouches

Method of Operation The pre-made spouted pouches are fed manually by the operator, who inserts them individually or through a pre-loaded “loading rail”. The rotary carrier Star Wheel in constricted of AISI 304 stainless steel specifically for handling the pouch by its spout carrier slot (1 size). Filling operation is by diving nozzle valve, for product dosing inside the neck of the spout, depending on the type of product to be dosed and the diameter of the spout, it is also possible to fill with a fixed nozzle valve depending on the application and product characteristics.

A Vibratory Bowl Feeder delivers caps via a rail system to a capping unit to apply and torque caps after the filling operation. The closure of the cap is performed by means of a pneumatic motor with torque control by pressure regulation or by an electric motor with a hysteresis magnetic clutch, depending on the application requirements. Control Intelligence via Pouch Presence Sensors, Cap Presence, Cap Rail Channel Full or Empty.

Watch the FLX MonoBloc Spout Fill System in Action

The FLX MonoBloc Spout Fill Spout Filling and Capping Machine for spouted Standup Pouches has been designed for the automatic filling and capping of stand-up spouted flexible pouches with liquid and viscous products. 

FLX MonoBloc Spout Fill Features

Standard and Optional Features:

  • In-Feed Rail or Manual Feeding of Pre-Made Spouted Pouches
  • Integrated Volumetric Pump Filler
  • Vibratory Bowl Feeder Automatic Cap Feeding
  • Nitrogen Flush for extended Shelf Life (Option)
  • Integration of Ink Jet Printer for Date / Batch Code (Option)
  • Control Panel in AISI 304 stainless steel with 7” IPS touch screen and analog controls for the main functions: Start, Stop, Reset, Emergency Stop.
  • Teleservice integrated in the panel for Remote Access

Major Advantage of Filling Through the Spout

  • Reduce material usage due to reduced required head space
  • More stable filling of difficult foaming products
  • Quick changeover in pouch size, shape and pouch style
  • Eliminate top seal contamination
  • Simple transition from traditional rigid packaging to flexible packaging 

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FLX (®) is a Trade Mark of ALLIEDFLEX Technologies, Inc. 

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