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by Dennis Calamusa
Flexible Insights Article 1/14/2020

I am pleased to be a regular contributor to Packaging Strategies News for 2020. I look forward to drawing upon my decades of working with major consumer product goods companies to share my exclusive insights with you. Click Here to Read More

The 15 Year RETROspective of the Innovative Flexible Standup Pouch

In celebrating Flexible Packaging magazine’s 15 year anniversary, it creates a unique opportunity for us to look back from where we came and also forward as to where we are headed with regard to the bright and exciting opportunities that the future will hold for the flexible packaging industry, and in particular, the popular standup pouch packaging format. Click Here to Read More

Flexible Packaging Machinery: Solutions for Change

As a prominent North American supplier of flexible packaging machinery and systems to a broad range of industries including food, snacks, beverage, personal care, and a multitude of other market applications, we enjoy a unique opportunity to gain an inside perspective working not only with the larger consumer product companies, but also the growing number of entrepreneurial start-ups with just a dream of success.  Click Here to Read More

Flexible Insights Article 1/14/2020

The Flexible Pouch Packaging industry continues to see unprecedented growth throughout a multitude of market sectors. Never has a packaging methodology spanned such a broad cross-section of markets and applications. Flexible Pouch Packaging has dramatically evolved over the past few decades beyond a simple bag, pouch, or wrap. Click Here to Read More

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