Global Pouch Machinery Solutions

ALLIEDFLEX® is the leading North American supplier of Global Flexible Packaging Machinery including Standup Pouch Machinery & Pouch Packaging Machinery.

We compliment your existing packaging by partnering with new and exciting methods of flexible packaging that will add value and excitement to your product brand.

Standup Pouch and Innovative Flexible Packaging continues to be an excellent cost reduction tool by providing packaging material saving and improved logistics, dramatically reduced carbon footprint (cradle to grave) as compared to more traditional methods of packaging including cartons (bag in box), metal cans, composite or spiral canisters, plastic jugs and glass bottles.

Innovative Flexible Packaging is becoming a important marketing strategy to increase the success of many new product introductions, as well as a strategic initiative for re-inventing a mature brand.  ALLIEDFLEX® is the authority on pre-made stand-up pouch packing machines, VFFS machines, HFFS machines and innovative roll stock packaging machines.

The ability to provide consumer convenience and package differentiation on the retail shelf has translated into increased profitability through the sales of value added product introductions and new product line extensions. Today’s expanded marketing outlets include supermarket, super center, convenience store and club stores, all creating a variety of marketing challenges and new opportunities for innovative packaging introductions.

ALLIEDFLEX Technologies, Inc. and its Founder, Dennis Calamusa celebrate their 22-year anniversary as a leading North American Supplier, advocate and specialist for Standup Pouch Packaging and associated packaging machinery technologies.

What’s New from ALLIEDFLEX®   Technologies

Check Out Pat Reynolds of Packaging World Magazine’s Audio Review of the Push and Dose Pouch at the 2023 PACK EXPO in Las Vegas

Presenting the Velteko VERSATILE-360

VERSATILE-360 (HSV360A) series of VELTEKO vertical packaging machines will be your long-term and reliable partner. You’ll be able to quickly respond to the changing demands and challenges of the market thanks to its versatility, high speed and ability to create more than 100 types of bags. The efficient, modular construction of the VELTEKO VERSATILE vertical packaging machines allows for quick and extremely easy changeovers between different types of bags. It can be carried out within 5 – 45 minutes!

VELTEKO’s sophisticated doypack packing machines are designed and optimized for the vertical forming, filling and sealing (VFSS) of doypack bag, doypack zip, and other doy style stand up pouches. – Attractive doypack bags with extended practicality – Speeds up to 100 bags per minute – 5 – 45 min changeovers to doypack bags – More than 16 variants of doypack bags

The ALLIEDFLEX FLX R8 Duplex Retort with Herrmann Ultrasonic is a duplex system that offers pouch size ranges of a Max 150mm wide (6”) or 200mm wide (7.8”) – These duplex size ranges are to accommodate popular retail sizes on a single machine platform with rapid size change over features. The FLX R8 Duplex series is designed to handle popular pre-made pouches and bags made of laminated, recyclable, compostable and biodegradable materials.

Duplex (2 UP) operation provides increased, efficient production capacities and suits the client’s higher output requirements and expectations.

After filling, the pouches are hermetically sealed utilizing the Herrmann Ultrasonic, then cosmetically sealed, sent through a top seal cooling station and discharged onto a moving exit conveyor.

ALLIEDFLEX FLX R8 250 CS Rotary Corner Spout System 

This FLX R8 Fill Seal System is configured for handling refill pouches for Home Care and Beauty Care products.

This FLX R8 250 CS is configured for filling liquid products and incorporates a “two-shot” 50/50 filling system utilizing two separate filling nozzles to improve speeds and minimize product foaming. The second filling nozzle completes the 2nd 50% of the required fill volume.

Product is supplied on-demand to the FLX R8 by the supplied servo controlled positive displacement pump as an integral part of the system. Connection for CIP cleaning is available.

CLICK HERE to Learn More About our Line of FLX R8 Filling Systems

PLUG & PLAY Installation with the FLX R8

Our FLX® R8 Rotary Standup Pouch Fill & Seal machines are set up and ready to go in a matter of hours. We save time since our machines are fully tested to our mutual satisfaction prior to shipment and installation at your facility. Upon delivery to your facility your new FLX® R8 system is installed, integrated, and ready to go into full production in a matter of hours. You save money by reducing labor costs and improving productivity from day one. We welcome you to compare our quality and value.

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