HDG - Push & Dose Dispensing Pouch

Now you can Sprinkle from a Flexible Pouch

Push & Dose is a flexible product that can perfectly sprinkle about any dry product.  It’s a world patented innovative feature for flexible pouches, for perfect sprinkling of  dry powders and granulates like spices mixes, sugar sprinkles, nutrition products and all othe food or non-food products ment to be sprinkled.  Re-launch your product with this new and smart feature, make your brand stand out and get happy customers. And it is the more sustainable choice too!

Compared with a rigid container of plastic, metal, glass or even paper, a flexible package with Push & Dose is an economical solution because of the low material-, production- and transportation costs.  Producing a flexible pouch requires less energy and creates a minimal of spill material. The empty Push & Dose-package itself also causes less waste, so it is obvious that this is an environmentally favorable solution.

If it Sprinkles, it will Push & Dose

Sprinkle on Salmon

Sprinkle on Oatmeal

Sprinkle on Bread Rolls

A Push in the Right Direction

Re-launch your product with a new smart packaging, make your brand stand out and get happy customers

It’s easy to open, easy to use and has a smart closing system that keeps the product fresh for a long time.

Check Out Pat Reynolds of Packaging World Magazine’s Audio Review of the Push and Dose Pouch at the 2023 PACK EXPO in Las Vegas

A dose of pure genius

Push & Dose can be produced with a variety of hole sizes in numbers from one to thousand to exactly fit your product.

  • Spices and herbs
  • Food products, like cheese powder, milk powder and cake decorations
  • Medical products, like blood stop powder
  • Cosmetic products, like hair volumizing powder, dry shampoo and talkum powder
  • Special products like speciality seeds, and pet food

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