IMA FILLSHAPE flexible packaging solutions

IMA FILLSHAPE, Bologna, Italy, expands its Agreement with ALLIEDFLEX Technologies, Inc. as its North American Partner (including Canada and Mexico) for the Sales and Marketing of its IMA FILLSHAPE Standup Pouch Packaging Machinery Program for non-food sectors, including Home Care, Personal Care, and Techno-Chemical markets.

High Speed Drift-Dwell Motion Doypack Machine

High speed drift-dwell motion doypack machine designed to form flat film roll stock into high quality Doypack bag, with fully integrated filling solutions for liquid products. The KONTINUA DD 235-100/8 machine is designed for handling a wide number of bag dimensions and filling volumes, as well as the possibility to equip the Doy pouches with corner spout application, shaped round corners and handle punch.

Given its versatility, this machine is suitable for the following applications:

  • Home Care  (liquid detergent, cleaners, washing machine detergent, dishwasher detergent, household products)
  • Personal Care (liquid or foaming soap, shampoo/hair care, body lotions or creams, make-up lotions)
  • Techno-Chemical (lubricants and oil, automotive cleaners/conditioners, windshield washer fluids, home & garden products

Up Close Images

Dosing Unit

Spout Applicator

Doy Servo

DoyPack Styles Filled

How do you fill? Fill Good!

Ermetika is a high-speed, continuous motion rotary machine assembling, filling and sealing spouts and premade pouches in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. High efficiency and premium quality results for countless products typical of the food and dairy market. With 4 different models processing at different speeds, all handling a wide range of pouch sizes, Ermetika is a highly flexible solution with a reduced footprint.

Adapts easily in order to handle film, spouts and caps from different suppliers, and uses the “filling through the spout” technique (spouts are sealed to the pouch before filling) to ensure 100% pouch filling is achieved, thus generating significant savings on materials.

Fitted with the leaking test system (patent pending), Ermetika is the only machine on the market able to check the resistance of the pouch seal. Extended shelf life and aseptic versions are available.

The Ermetika Benefits:

  • “Filling through the spout” to exploit maximum pouch capacity and save on materials
  • Minimal leak: in line leaking test device
  • Top hygiene: fully washable design
  • Product size flexibility: spouts and pouches are handled in a wide variety of shapes and sizes
  • Extended and continuous welding time
  • Compact footprint: a reduced layout especially at medium and high speed

Up Close Images

Pouch and spout assembly and sealing

Product filling


Ermetika is a highly flexible solution with a reduced footprint.




Accurate, Reliable, Modular

Modula is a continuous rotary machine that fills and ultrasonically seals pre-made pouches using a patented “double pick-up” system. Ideal for solid, liquid and high-viscous products, Modula is very versatile and offers high-speed changeover procedures. Suitable for different filling applications such as food, pet food and beverages, where high hygienic standards, huge flexibility, and rapid changeover procedures are key factors on a competitive market, Modula ensures ultimate filling accuracy and sealing reliability and boasts an extremely low rejection rate.

Furthermore, the patented “double pick-up” system avoids the use of chains for pouch handling. The modular structure enables customers to use a large variety of pouch shapes and create customized solutions for a vast range of products.

Ermetika Highlights

1. Size changeover carried out in just 20 minutes (120 ppm version): optimise productivity and adapt to fast-changing market requirements

2. High hygienic standards thanks to the frameless design and separation between pouch making and filling areas

3. Customers can adapt existing can-filling technologies to rotary pouch filling

4. Space saved on the production floor thanks to reduced footprint given by rotary design



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