FLX SpoutFill Filling and Capping Machine

The Semi-Automatic FLX SPOUTFILL Filling and Capping Machine for Spouted Pouches

ALLIEDFLEX® wants to help you get started as quickly as possible with Innovative Liquid Pouch Packaging. That’s why we bring you the FIRST STEP tools to get to market fast.
We understand that you may not be ready for a high volume – high output system and instead are looking for a reliable – cost effective – FIRST STEP | packaging solutions introducing FLX SpoutFill.

Low speed, Low Cost solutions ideally suitable for Startup | Entrepreneurial Operation | Pilot Plant | Packaging Lab

ALLIEDFLEX Newest Machine for Filling Liquids

The semi-automatic FLX SPOUTFILL filling and capping machine for spouted pouches. This spouted pouch filler is a precision, high quality machine solution ideal for pilot plant, laboratory and R&D to establish filling characteristics, test market samples & limited production runs.

This semi-automatic air driven machine is suitable for filling and capping flexible pouches (with an already existing spout) with liquid / semiliquid products. The FLX filler can fill viscous products containing soft particulates or pulp and it is suitable for hot filling (100°C).

Watch the FLX SPOUTFILL System in Action

PRODUCT: Pumpable liquid, semi viscous or viscous product containing particulates or pulp
Pouch Size: Up to 1 liter – Optional
Pouch Style: Standup with pre-applied top or corner spout (with carrier slot)
Output: (5-6 PPM) based upon 250 ml volume

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FLX (®) is a Trade Mark of ALLIEDFLEX Technologies, Inc. 

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