The Flexible Packaging Industry is creating a “re-packaging revolution” that has now spearheaded a shift into a new age of packaging standardization which is clearly underway…

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ALLIEDRENEW was created for the purpose of educating and informing consumers of the benefits flexible packaging offers compared to more traditional packaging. ALLIEDRENEW is a division of ALLIEDFLEX®, the leading North American supplier of Global Standup Pouch Packaging Machinery.

As an industry, leading the charge in the “Re-packaging of America” we feel it is critical for us to continue to communicate the “total benefits” of Flexible Packaging, as compare to other forms of packaging in relationship to energy consumption, logistics, source reduction and the total impact from an environmental perspective.

Being “sustainably conscious” not only adds value back into what otherwise would be manufacturing generated waste, but it models a level of responsibility.  Please explore our site to learn more about flexible packaging, all of the various sustainable benefits it offers, check out some of the fun up-cycling ideas, or even get involved sharing some of your own.


  • Flexible packaging consumes less energy during manufacturing 
  • Flexible packaging consumes fewer natural resources during manufacturing
  • Flexible packaging generates less CO2 emissions during manufacturing
  • Flexible packaging is lightweight reducing fossil fuels during transportation
  • Flexible packaging is easy to compress greatly reducing amount of trucks during transportation
  • Flexible packaging represents the smallest percentage of all packaging in landfills
  • Flexible packaging saves transportation miles and fuel consumption

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